Welcome to the Tulja Dance Academy

​The Academy offers a complete program for the all ages of dancer.


More people than ever before are looking for ways to increase their social interaction with like-minded people in a fun and interesting environment. One simple and easy way to accomplish this goal is to consider dance lessons and dance classes. Taking dance lessons provides social benefits that are beyond compare in terms of meeting new and interesting people and learning new and exciting skills. Dance provides a form of exhilarating exercise combined with the benefit of being able to interact with other people. Teaching and learning different dance creates diverse cultural awareness . It encourages more participants to involve in learning dance forms where in they continuously learn and accept cultural diversity. Hetal actively involves herself in all the multi cultural activities and jointly work with people from other countries through various dance forms. Dance has no barriers and is easy to understand. Therefore, Hetal following her passion for dance, she works towards connecting people in a way that all, whether its a child or an adult can feel and enjoy with dance.​